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We are an urban planning and technology studio based in Melbourne, Australia.
We think good planning and design is important and we use technology to create
better outcomes for communities.


Presenting information through dynamic and interactive multi-media formats

Interactive Content Design


Empowering stakeholders to participate effectively in planning projects

Online Engagement


Using geo-spatial information to better understand your place

Mapping & Spatial Analysis


Harvest was established in mid-2011 to inject a bit of 21st century technology into the urban planning and design industry. We set up the company not only to make our cities and communities better places, but to also make your job easier!

Our approach is simple – use technology to better engage with people who use the spaces we create, collect good evidence and research to support our work, and communicate plans and strategies over the web through meaningful and interesting content.

Here’s an introduction to our team:

Adam Smith

Adam is an experienced strategic planner who has project managed a range of planning and urban design projects involving multi-disciplinary teams. He is competent in both planning and GIS and this combination gives him unique insights into the work he undertakes. He is co-founder of Harvest, and is rapidly gaining a reputation for innovation and creativity in the planning industry.


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Brian Ashton

Brian combines skills in GIS and web-development, having worked in both the town planning and IT industries. His unique skill set provides him with broad technical skills set within the context of planning and design. He is co-founder of Harvest with Adam, where he leads the design and implementation of a variety of Harvest’s analytical, planning and engagement tools.


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What we do

Our recipe for innovation blends skills in urban planning and geo-sciences (geography) with digital media to devise elegant and creative solutions to complex problems. Here are some of the things we do.


Research & Analysis

We underpin projects with robust and reliable evidence-based methods for analysis and modeling.



We develop inventive and considered strategies to conceive appropriate and effective tools, and match them with quality design.



We place a strong emphasis on design to create memorable user experiences that are both engaging and visually interesting.



We expertly communicate ideas and information using beautiful and interesting multi-media formats.



We build and deliver our tools in accordance with industry standards and manage them in a controlled environment, so you don’t have to worry.


We offer a unique range of services that provide support at all stages of the planning and design process, from the technical background analysis, to community consultation and implementation.

Content Design

Content Design

Good content commands attention, makes projects interesting and encourages people to get involved. We design and deliver digital content that makes information visible, understandable and enjoyable to explore. Whether you need to communicate a complex or contentious message, or want to reinvigorate a plan that is sitting on the shelf collecting dust, our wide range of content design services might be just what you’re looking for.

– Project websites and interfaces
– Web and mobile applications
– Interactive plans and maps
– Info-graphics and data visualisations
– Promotional videos
– 3-D modeling and visualisation
– Graphic design and urban graphics

Online Engagement

Online Engagement

For many of us, engaging with stakeholders and the public can create as much anxiety as it does productive outcomes. Engaging them over the web might be the perfect way to supplement your conventional activities and make it easier for people to get involved, reach broader audiences and make better use of the results. And we don’t just build you the tools you need – we also advise you on the best ways to get people to use them.

– Digital participation frameworks
– Custom online surveys
– Ideation and visioning tools
– Social media tools and strategy

Mapping & Spatial Analysis

Mapping & Spatial Analysis

With an estimated 80% of the world’s data having a spatial dimension, chances are you have something that needs to be mapped or understood spatially. We are experts in managing and exploring spatial data to unlock the kernels of insight that are probably tucked away in your data. Oh, and we don’t just do the nuts and bolts stuff – we also create beautiful and creative maps and graphics to help you communicate. We can even deliver them over the web, on your phone, or in 3D.

– Constraints, suitability and conflict mapping
– Capacity measuring and analysis
– Visual impact analysis
– Accessibility analysis
– Demographic analysis
– Scenario Modelling and testing



We’ve been working hard to develop a number of innovative platforms that might interest you. Have a look below to see what we and our fantastic collaborators have been up to.


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