Participate Melbourne

City of Melbourne

Homepage - Displays a snapshot of current, active and past projects

Reimagining University Square - users may explore information through the use of an interactive plan.

Visioning - allow users to leave aspirational ideas on a project.

Social Map - allow users to leave spatial feedback on a project.

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web mapping, online consultation, web design


Our digital engagement toolbox, THE HiVE, is the chosen platform for the City of Melbourne’s online community engagement portal - Participate Melbourne. Participate Melbourne is the primary interface for the public to provide feedback across a range of diverse projects affecting the city. The platform utilises the full suite of the digital tools available in the HiVE to communicate dynamic content and create a range of online engagement opportunities.

Harvest gave the site a design makeover to improve its appearance, better integrate Council’s branding, and make better use of imagery to entice users to explore and participate in the City’s diverse projects. Project templates were also improved to provide a more consistent and visually appealing framework for communicating project information.

Harvest are also delivering a range of custom web content and tools directly into the Participate site, with THE HiVE providing the digital infrastructure needed to foster innovation.