Places for People

City of Melbourne

Homepage - identify how you usually participate in the City of Melbourne

Allows users to map their usual place of residence, work or study.

Allows users to locate locations which they frequent and reasons why

Map based feedback provides a rich data set for clients to analyse

This project was a collaboration between Harvest and Crowdspot

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application design, online consultation, web mapping, graphic design


The Places for People Neighbourhood Survey is the third installment of a Jan Gehl inspired longitudinal study for the City of Melbourne. Taking place every 10 years this is the first time the community have directly participated in the study.

Harvest designed and developed a custom application to help the City better understand where people go to access a range of services within the City. The survey asks users to provide map-based feedback indicating where they go to access individual goods/ services in relation to their home or place of work.

The data collected through the survey will enable planners to better understand people’s behavior and to identify service gaps in the future planning of the City’s neighbourhoods.

The application was integrated into the City’s online engagement platform – Participate Melbourne, and was used during several ‘pop-up’ events which intercepted passerbys in a number of locations across the City.