Housing Strategy Interactive Website

Darebin City Council

Website homepage containing a dashboard most important information about the strategy including to rating issues and housing preferences

Suburb information including interactive maps, data visualisations and interactive quick response polls

Section of the website which users could describe and rate their future housing preferences for the municipality

A visual survey requiring users to select their preference when choosing a home

Community submitted economic issues. Users may also agree/disagree with the issue and provide comments.

Interactive data visualisation describing the increase in dwelling prices over a period of time

Interactive web displaying the potential opportunities for future housing growth

Interactive 3D map describing the constraints for potential future housing growth

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strategic planning, mapping, web design, web-mapping, online consultation, data visualisation


Harvest was appointed to design and deliver a web platform aimed at developing and communicating Council’s strategic housing vision for the future. The platform balances extensive background information with opportunities for online participation and feedback to create a more robust and participatory planning process.

Harvest assisted Council in developing the content of the web platform, editing over 500 pages of background information, and distilling these into key messages that would capture attention and interest.

The platform was successful in garnering community input into the project, integrating a wide variety of opportunities for online participation. These ranged from multiple choice quick polls, to visually-based surveys, to visioning activities.

The platform was designed to be as visual as possible incorporating info-graphics, data visualisations and web-mapping to communicate. Harvest also provided GIS support, mapping key spatial data in both standard and online formats (web-mapping), including the ability to view 3D versions of the maps through a Google Earth interface.