Planning Scheme Amendment Consultation Platform

Moreland City Council

Homepage of website containing all relevant project information as well as a link to each amendment undergoing consultation

Brunswick Structure Plan amendment page containing project information, key documents, interactive maps and webform for community submissions

Interactive map showing the precinct and sub-precinct boundaries of the Coburg Activity Centre with additional information such as key objectives and building heights

Concise information of the key objectives for the Moreland Higher Density Design Code

Webform allowing users to make online submissions for each of the amendments

A poster created to help inform and make the commuity aware of the upcoming Moreland planning scheme amendments

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strategic planning, web design, online consultation, web-mapping


The culmination of nearly 10 years of planning, Moreland City Council had completed three separate but related planning scheme amendments.

Harvest designed and implemented a custom web platform to help communicate the importance of these amendments and facilitate the formal submission process.

The web platform presents a visually attractive user experience that provides summary information on each of the amendments, explains why the amendments are important and facilitates access to background information.

The platform also provides web-mapping that allows users to explore where each of the amendments apply and to view precinct specific, built form guidance.