Retail and Activity Centres Strategy

Melton City Council

Website homepage outlining the project and how the community can have their say

Dashboard containing community responses to how they vision shopping in Melton could be improved in the future

Interactive Geo-Survey requiring users to select the activity centre that correspons to their daily needs

Interactive Geo-Survey requiring users mark positive and negative aspects of various activity centres theu frequent

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GIS analysis, web design, web mapping, online consultation


Harvest is supporting Tim Nott (economic consultant) in creating a new Retail and Activity Centre Strategy for the Melton City Council. The Strategy will propose a new activity centre network to service the existing and expected needs of this growth area Council.

As part of the project, Harvest has also delivered a project-specific website called Shop Melton City. The website provides summary information on the project, interactive web mapping and a unique, spatially-based survey. The survey allows users to create information relating to what they like / don’t like about current centres. This information will be used to improve the amenity and design of existing and new centres.

Harvest has also completed a range of mapping activities to document existing conditions and is working on a method using multi-criteria GIS approaches to define the best locations for new activity centres.