Housing Strategy Interactive Website

Whitehorse City Council

Website homepage describing the project, news and links to the project sections

Interactive map allowing users to explore their local area and find information about relevant character precincts and activity centres

Quick stats describing potential current housing issues in the municipality

webform submission which users may use to provide comments to council regarding the character precinct statements

Visual survey requiring users to rank their most important future housing needs

Visual survey requiring users to select (via a points system) their most important future housing needs

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web design, web mapping, data visualization, online consultation


Harvest, working in collaboration with Planisphere has designed a web platform to assist in communicating engaging on a project that is reviewing the often contentious issues of neighbourhood character, activity centres and housing. The website provides a standalone summary of the significant background work that has been completed, using plain language, info-graphics and web-mapping to communicate key messages.

The site also contains an interactive survey designed to solicit information on housing such as “what will be the housing needs of the user in 10 years time?”. Along with other feedback tools, this information will be used to refine draft strategies and ensure more community buy-in on the project.