Adam is a qualified urban planner. His job is to think of ways to improve himself through our work.

Adam Smith Director / Co-founder

Brian is a technologist and cartographer. His job is to discover and plan the technology needed to bring our work to life.

Brian Ashton Director / Co-founder

Andrew is an experienced community engagement specialist. He’s here to help you surpass best practice in your online engagement projects.

Andrew Coulson Community Engagement Advocate

Tom is a product manager with experience across startups, government, and research. He is passionate about bringing civic technologies to life.

Tom Griffiths Product Manager

Customer Success Manager

Tania Reis Customer Success Manager

Nate supports our customers to learn our software, develop their skills and take thier practice to the next level.

Nate Grieg Senior Product Specialist

Gabriela Giannotti Product Specialist

Bonnie is a designer and front-end developer. Her job is to make our work look amazing and function fantastically.

Bonnie Mercer Product Designer

Alysha is a frontend developer who specializes in making our customer's sites look great, and adds design flair to the work we do.

Alysha Iannetta Frontend Developer

Marta Potoczny Frontend Developer / Designer

Jaromir is a talented web developer. He does whatever is necessary to build services, squash bugs and discover new approaches.

Jaromir Dalecky Lead Developer

Joe is an experienced software developer. He loves building micro applications that fit together to do amazing things.

Joe Burns Senior Developer

Ibrahim is a front-end developer and product designer. His job is to figure out how to make things work and deliver excellent new features and tools.

Ibrahim Ezzy Senior Developer

Steven Cao Senior Developer

Jovan is a full-stack developer. His job is to create exciting new features and tools for our web products.

Jovan Jay Villamor Developer

Drewyn Vial Developer

Sami is a full-stack developer. He’s passionate about building technology that delivers great customer experiences.

Sami Alakus DevOps Engineer