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Getting people to understand the potential future of a place can be a challenging prospect. PlaceStory helps you tell compelling digital narratives that inspire people to take part in shaping the places they live and play.

Interactive digital storytelling

Combine a range of multi-media content such as diagrams, text, video and imagery to construct engaging and interactive digital experiences that bring your plans to life.

Visualise the future

Help your audience better understand the future potential of a place to support change and become part of a more constructive conversation.

Improve your designs

Invite active participation by collecting targeted feedback on your design proposals in an open, transparent and social way to make them better.


Interactive plan

Display and annotate your plan to highlight feature proposals in a visual and interactive way. Let users click on each feature to view its ‘story’ and leave feedback.

Multimedia content

Build a rich, multi-media experience for each feature of your plan by combining text with a range of content types including images, plans, diagrams, videos, and more.

Feature rating

Understand user sentiment about each feature or proposal by having users rate them.

Qualitative feedback

Qualify user ratings through customisable, open-ended questions to better understand views and opinions.

Public activity feed

Publish user ratings and responses in a public feed to create transparency and encourage participation.

Reporting and analytics

Access reports on visitation, views, ratings, and feedback for each proposal and export your data for further analysis.

Brand integration

Incorporate your brand identity to make the product your own by adding a logo and customising colours and fonts.

Cloud-based service

Quickly launch the app without downloading any software and start using in a safe and secure in environment.

Support and advice

Access our help documentation and friendly customer support team to get the most out of using the product.

Ready to start a project?

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