Effective participation and engagement relies on considered strategy that defines a clear pathway to success.

Successful engagement and participation initiatives rarely happen by accident. They require clear plans and strategies that consider an organisation’s resources, capabilities and intentions to deliver intended outcomes.

Our strategists help you optimise your chances for success by taking advantage of your strengths while avoiding common pitfalls.

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Discovery Workshops

If you’re just getting started in the digital engagement space, or are seeking fresh new ideas, we can help you explore the contemporary digital landscape.

Our facilitated workshops help you discover what’s possible and get the creative juices flowing. We’ll guide you along a journey to learn about a variety of tools, methods and case studies that will help you better identify opportunities and seed new ideas.

Digital Engagement Strategy

For organisations looking to improve digital engagement and participation practices across the board, we assist in developing effective and holistic strategy that unlocks your potential and enshrines best practice.

Our strategy team will help you plot a course for practical implementation using a range of creative methods to understand your current capabilities, identify areas for improvement and develop clear strategies and actions.

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Training and Coaching

Without appropriate digital skills and capabilities, your organisation can quickly get left behind. We equip your organisation with the tools needed to build skills in engagement planning, participation design, mapping and data analysis, and more.

Our training services (including product-specific courses) help you grow your capabilities and can be tailored to your specific requirements. And for those who are looking for friendly assistance, our coaching services will help you ensure your projects achieve best practice.