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Perceptions of place are just as important as the physical environment, but measuring people's experience of a place can be difficult. StreetPulse helps you assess User Experience to better understand behaviour and identify opportunities for intervention.

Crowd-sourced assessment

Harness the power of the crowd to conduct user experience assessments from multiple individuals. Combine results to paint a picture of how a place is utlised, perceived or experienced.

Identify problem hotspots

Understand what’s working and what's not by mapping user data points to reveal hotspots and identify areas for improvement or intervention.

Collect user ideas

Invite users to make place-specific suggestions for improving their environment and develop responsive and supportable design responses.


Guided survey

Guide users through a series of customisable questions to assess perceptions, identify use patterns and highlight issues and opportunities.

Map-based responses

Collect user responses in the context of place by having them pin responses to an interactive map, and follow up with a series of qualifying questions.

Reporting and analytics

Track responses in real-time and view hotspot mapping of the results.

Demographic profiling

Collect demographics from your users to understand and compare how different groups utilise and perceive space.

Brand integration

Incorporate your brand identity to make the product your own by adding a logo and customising colours and fonts.

Cloud-based service

Quickly launch the app without downloading any software and start using in a safe and secure in environment.

Support and advice

Access our help documentation and friendly customer support team to get the most out of using the product.

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