Harvest partnered with the International Association for Public Participation Australasia (IAP2A) on Pitch for the Practice 2018.

iPhone with Pitch for the Practice logo

Pitch for the Practice was a participatory budgeting initiative that offered IAP2A members the opportunity to directly influence how the organisation spends $100,000 over the next 12 months on projects that benefit their members and meet the pillars of IAP2 Australasia’s strategic plan. The project showcased the powerful capabilities of The HiVE’s new Fund It tool.

Members could pitch proposals for projects that would benefit members and deliver on IAP2A’s strategic plan.

Eligible projects were then put to a membership vote using the Fund It tool.

Tablet with Pitch for the Practice entries

10 submissions were received, and 92 members voted on which projects should receive a portion of the $100K on offer. Five of the 10 projects submitted will now become a reality:


Evaluating the Engagement Sector

(64 Votes, 15%) Funding won: $18,000

Mendleson Consulting

IAP2A Knowledge Exchange Program

(58 Votes, 14%) Funding won: $18,750

Double Arrow Consulting

Deliberation in schools

(53 votes, 13%) Funding won: $16,000


Digital Community Engagement in Australia

(52 votes, 12%) Funding won: $25,000

Mendleson Consulting

The Connection Project

(41 votes, 10%) Funding won: $22,500

This project was a great example of how participatory budgeting can empower a membership base to get involved with decision-making at a budgetary level.

Visit the Pitch for the Practice site